Rural Hospital CEO Certification Program

Enrollment open for Fall 2024 Cohort

Rural Hospital CNO Certification Program

Enrollment open for Fall 2024 Cohort

Rural Hospital CFO Certification Program

Enrollment open for March 2025 Cohort

Rural Hospital CMOĀ Certification Program

Enrollment open for October 2024 Cohort

Rural Hospital HRĀ Certification Program

Registration open for Spring 2025 Cohort

Rural Hospital BOT Certification Program

Enrollment closed for June 2024 Cohort

Rural Health NurseĀ Certification Program

Registration open for September 2024 Cohort

The rural hospital leadership crisis is still alive - that's why NRHA created it's Rural Hospital Certification Programs!

Participants engaging in these programs will be empowered to lead rural hospitals to thrive, not just survive, and to improve the quality of life in rural America by effectively leading their hospitals and communities to create a culture of wellness.

Engage, Network, Learn & Grow with Rural Specific Education - Developed by Rural Hospital Executives, for Rural Hospital Executives.

"The #1 determinant of success in rural healthcare is leadership." - Alan Morgan, CEO NRHA


In response to the escalating rural hospital leadership crisis, NRHA created a team of successful rural hospital executives tasked with identifying the specific knowledge base and leadership skills necessary for a rural hospital executive to successfully lead their team. 


Top performing leaders crafted these programs for current and aspiring rural hospital leaders who want their community, colleagues, patients, and organization to thrive. 

Get ready to make a difference!

Our Mission 

Our mission is to improve life in rural America by stabilizing rural hospitals through education and engagement of current and future rural hospital leaders to achieve leadership excellence resulting in healthy communities. We continue to work tirelessly with successful rural hospital executives and industry experts to develop these specialized rural hospital leadership programs. This program is designed to take successful rural hospital leaders to a new level of excellence, and to provide aspiring rural hospitals leaders with a solid foundation for leadership excellence. Leadership excellence in rural healthcare is critical to rural America!