About Us

The Center for Rural Health Leadership is a collaboration between the National Rural Health Association and the Dynamic Leadership Academy. The Rural Hospital CEO Certification Program is the culmination of efforts from several of top performing rural hospital executives, who have a passion for their craft and communities. The creators of this program have been actively involved with the informal training and development of rural health leadership for years. 

Having held key leadership positions in the National Rural Health Association (NRHA), these rural healthcare pioneers have worked tirelessly to help design a program that effectively prepares each participant for success in a rural context. 

Recruiting qualified Executive Leadership to rural hospitals has been an ongoing struggle for many years. As the intricate knowledge base needed to be a top performer in a rural hospital continues to expand, The Center for Rural Health Leadership has developed a program designed to address three major obstacles:

  1. Leaders from rural areas familiar with life in a rural setting have struggled to gain the necessary leadership training to be a top performing rural hospital executive.
  2. The uniqueness and complexity of the necessary knowledge base in the successful operation of a rural hospital continues to grow at a rapid rate.
  3. The difficulty in acclimating to working with a rural Board of Trustees while living in a rural community.

In 2018, NRHA worked with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Yaffe & Co. to perform the Rural Hospital CEO turnover study and used the results as a guide to continue to develop a Rural Hospital Certification program addressing what had become a crisis.

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