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Program Structure

In the CEO Certification Program, two weeks are spent on each module. With a total of 18 modules, the Program is approximately 10 months in length. Below is a detailed description of the time commitments and requirements for the CEO Certification Program: 

  • In week 1, Participants watch pre-recorded video lessons from the module preceptor/subject matter expert that takes no longer than 60-minutes. These videos, as well as all of the content you might need, are uploaded to a private website that you get access to where everything is available on demand, any time of the day.
  • In week 2, the Cohort comes together for a 90-minute, discussion based Zoom meeting on Tuesdays at 4 pm EST on a bi-weekly basis. We spend the entirety of this call focused on the module you watched the videos on in conversation through small breakout rooms, large group discussions, Q&A, as well as other conversations along the way. 80% attendance to these live Zoom sessions is required to earn the certification.
  • Testing: Participants must complete the four online exams with a 90% score or higher. Exams are multiple choice, true or false, select all type questions and are taken online at the end of a building block. A review video is shared for each exam as well.
  • Earning the Certification: To earn the CEO Certification, participants must:
    • Watch the module video lessons
    • Attend at least 80% of the live Zoom sessions
    • Complete all exams with a 90% score or higher
    • Complete the program pre and post-assessments
    • Tuition is paid
  • WITHDRAWING FROM THE PROGRAM: A participant in the program may discontinue participation at any time. The Rural Hospital CEO Certification staff have the right to discontinue participation of a participant if or when a participant is not in compliance with the spirit of the program. Should a participant withdraw from the program, either voluntarily or requested by the Rural Hospital CEO Certification staff, the participant will be eligible to receive a tuition refund (less $1,000 cancellation fee) as follows:
    • Prior to program beginning: 100% refund.
    • After the first day of workshops: 80% refund.
    • After the second virtual workshop session: 70% refund.
    • After third virtual workshop session: no refund. If full amount of tuition was paid up front, a pro-rated credit will be issued. If installment payments were chosen, no future payments will be required.

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100% Safe & Secure, Your Details Aren't Shared With Anyone.