CNO Rural Hospital Certification Alumni Network (RHCAN)  Agreement Terms

By entering into this agreement with Center for Rural Health Leadership (hereafter referred to as CRHL) to participate in the CNO Rural Hospital Certification Alumni Network Group (hereafter referred to as CNO RHCAN), I agree to the participation requirements described below.


  1. Pay for 6 months of participation in full or make payments as outlined below
  2. Will earn CEUs towards my RHCNOC based on attendance 
  3. Can attend module update webinars, attend Certification Program Graduations, and participate in other Executive RHCAN meetings   
  1. If a Participant wishes to withdraw from the CNO RHCAN they will be billed for the current month and will be able to participate for that month. After that month is completed the Participant will no longer be billed.  If Participant paid for the program in full, a prorated credit will be applied towards future participation.

PAYMENT:  $162/month with a 12-month commitment and must be made using a credit or debit card. Payments will automatically be withdrawn monthly or six months paid in full. One initial investment of $162 is required upfront.